1. Colombia

    In late September i will hopefully be travelling to Colombia.

    This is very exciting and will no doubt be an enlightening experience, but i want travelling all that way to have more of a purpose. As a designer, i want to make/produce something that will reflect my experiences or the experiences of others i meet on the journey. What the ‘something’ is going to be is as of yet undecided. I have had some thoughts… 

    • An editorial book of photographs taken along the way? This would push me to take photographs like portraits that I am too cautious/scared to take normally.  
    • A letter for every new person i meet? ‘a’,’b’,’c’, not Dear… A typographic experiment that revolves around a person and the relationship with that person.
    • Capturing the favourite quotes or life rules of people I meet and turing them into beautiful physical things. 
    • Using my skills in graphic design to try and solve the potential problems that will inevitably arise in my adventures. 
    • Using the skills of the people i meet, say a great woodworker, to create beautiful things that have a meaning and then compiling them into a book or organising them into a tangible thing.

    I am unsure what i will do, but i need to get cracking with it whatever it is.

  2. 2headedsnake:

    Virginia Mori

    These made me think. Which can only be a good thing.

    (Source: virginiamori)

  3. ficciones-typografika:

    Andrea Dell’Anna, Ficciones Typografika 586 (24”x36”). Installed on July 27, 2014. More on Ficciones Typografika.

  4. photos91:

    Making barrels in Kruševo.


  5. photos91:

    Barrel maker in Kruševo. 

    What a character 

  6. Got a bike and I love it.

  7. zerostatereflex:

     From Neurons to Networks

    The internet has an estimated 100 trillion links,


    an adult brain has 300 trillion connections,


    A child’s brain has a Quadrillion connections.


    Some day soon we will develop a system more complicated than a child’s brain. What will that look like?

  8. gurafiku:

    Japanese Poster: Setagaya Life. 2013

  9. weandthecolor:

    "Farbraum" by Nick Frank

    “Farbraum” is a photographic project by German photographer Nick Frank on urban architecture and extracted colors.

    Check out more about the “Farbraum” project on WATC.

    Find WATC on:
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  10. This is what a graphic design with typography degree is for right? #vscocam #fuck

  11. design-is-fine:

    Lothar Quinte, Fächer rot/blau, 1971, Serigraphy. Gallerie Rottloff, Germany.

    (Source: galerie-rottloff.de)

  12. Part 2 in the widow hunt.

  13. Part One in my widow hunting in our THIRD YEAR exhibition. Not good.

  14. findmomo:

    Surround yourself with what you love. (at Studio123)

    Looks like fun!


  15. The Roots - Understand

    People ask for God, ‘till the day he comes
    See God’s face - turn around and run
    God sees the face / of a man
    Shaking his head, says “he’ll never understand”
    People ask for god, ‘till the day he comes
    See God’s face - turn around and run
    God sees the face of a man
    Shaking his head then says, “man’ll never understand”